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In agricultural research and practice, geophysical tools are providing new insights about soil-plant interactions that can be difficult to quantify using traditional (point sampling) characterization methods. In an effort to quantify the impact of changing environmental and management conditions on soil-plant-microbe interactions, the Environmental Geophysics  group is working to understand key dynamics important for agriculture yield, soil health, and the optimal co-management of soils and plants, such as root-growth dynamics, water demand and stress, yield and carbon intensity. Our focus is on the development of new sensing strategies and machine learning approaches to facilitate data fusion and integration, discovery, and predictive analysis.

Key Projects

  • ARPA-E ROOTS (Rhizosphere Observations Optimizing Terrestrial Sequestration) project for novel Root imaging over field scales
  • ARPA-E SMARTFARM: bioenergy carbon intensity quantification
  • Advanced sensors for UAV platforms
  • Bordeaux Viticulture 
  • AR1K Project

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